Sunday, April 18, 2010


My name is Jacqueline. I am 25. I live in Louisiana. I am obsessed with traveling and keeping an art journal. I have been doin em since I was 18. I do some scrapbooking. I do whatever I want. I am tired of seein the same ol shit on the internet. All these Teesha Moore wannabes. Teesha came first.The rest suck ass. I am sick of seeing fonky faces with stupid pointy hats. Why not an ass hat. Why not some buck tooth smiley faces for scrapbook paper? Anyways I am not elite. I am just tired of the marketing of art journaling like its some sacred thing. It has turned into a handful of people doin the same ol shit with all these new people doin the exact same shits. I just moved into the city. I have the internets now. This bloggin thing has been on my mind for quite a while. Also, Ii am sick of Somerset studio shits too. ITS ALL THE SAME. Here's some old raggedy paper next to some pink wee tea cups and an art journal page with swirly shits. Kay. :p

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