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Chuck E. Cheese Fun Fest- for Melerdy

Aug 26,2012

Daniel: Malls are depressing.
Me: Why? They must not have skeetball in thier arcade!

He says I am the only one over the age of 8 he knows that loves skeetball. He says 20 years from now, I am gonna be combing the Arizona sands for old crusty skeetball machines, because no one else liked 'em but me.  I love it. I wanna live in Slab City and make a non-electric skeetball for everyone to play for free. I want to have a neon skeetball emporium on ol' 66! Pink balls! Blue balls! Glow-in -the-dark balls! Clear balls with clouded-eye goldfish in 'em!  Skeetball backboards 20 feet high with with 100 different rings! 
Chucky Cheese Fun Fest
Went to ol' Chucky Cheese for the first time in my life last Saturday. SO 90's! There were all kinds of posters paradying shit from that era. Ol' Chuck up on stage talking jokes to Elaine, George, and Kramer. Must "C" TV.  Ninja Turtles-esque scene: Chucky against a brick wall, some purple frog in a mafia suit, both looking "badass" with arms crossed. So 90's! Other posters playing homage to E.R., Men in Black, and MTV when they went to the moon. Each looked like the beginning era of Photoshop graphics, cartoony yet digital, too early in the game to be realistic and it shows. Bright but dull, each poster was labled 1999. Classic! The skeeball machine was a winner, dishing out 30,000 points for every ball thrown. H2Overdrive (Hydrothunder) was the real gem! Modern machine with a classic Cruisin' World feel going on. Bright, bold graphics, not too realistic, but still 3D. Blues and purples tossed around generously. Of course I played the Hong Kong Fuey course, right through Beijing. 4th and 4th place, me and Woo tied, with my 6th place blow-out being the tie breaker. This one is on the list for the dream 66 arcade! Definitely coming back and hitting the salad bar. The pizza tasted cheap, sweet, and nasty. Beware the Operation machine, the needle curves to the front just so. Rip! Bargain: each game and photo machine is only 1 token

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Outsider art?

I have no idea how to classify my art. I would say that it is experimental.