Monday, December 30, 2013

New 12x12 Scrapbook Pages

     A few nights back, Johnny took me to get some art supplies in town and I saw a 3lb pack of random paper and had to have it. I like working with random colors, especially ones I would normally never choose such as purple or orange. I enjoy the challenge. To make these pages, I got the wild hair up my ass to just paint shit out my gut. No thinking, just doing. Puffy paint, glitter, pencil color, acrylic paint and oil pastel. I do not care if the pictures do not go with the artwork, they were added today after all the paint was dried, then journalling in pencil. I picked up each photo and knew exactly what I wanted to write. My goal is to have a nice, thick scrapbook from my travels, past adventures with Danryu, and everyday  hanging out with Johnny. The whole point is to get it all down before I forget.

Here are the pages with accompanying text:

"Me and my '92 Camaro. Easter, 2009. Hecker, LA north of LeBleu, Calcasieu Parish. I took Johnny to look for prairie seeds. I spotted the flowers on a callout when I was a dogcatcher, I got this outfit for 50 cents from CARC and the shoes were of of many from my Doc Marten collection. The "skank chain" was from high school. -Jac 2013 "

" Me and Elizabeth LeBlanc hanging out on the gravel road past Lorrain Bridge in 2010. Went of a road trip down hwy 14 to Hayes and up 101 to i-10."

"Me and Johnny standing in front of the 'Blue Balls' as we call em. Located in New Orleans. 2012 on the way to Wizard World New Orleans. We stop and take pics here every time we go to a convention. -Jac 2013"