Friday, July 25, 2014

Santa Clause, AZ and some random thoughts on travelling

Does anyone keep a travel journal and print out photos anymore? I have so many pics on my computer,never viewed or edited. Simply forgotten. I regret not writing down where some of the photos were taken. My goal is to self publish a book of pics for my own personal enjoyment. I have no desire to monetize my work. I feel as though it is not good enough and is so singular, for my eyes and perhaps a few other interested parties. Just do not want to compete with anyone, do my own thing. Spent the evening looking at Louisiana DPO's (dead post offices). Sometimes, I will plan a trip based on old, abandoned places and travel there to see what is left. Been a while since I have been one one of these excursions. I went out to see what was left of Ged, Lucas, and Lunita in the western part of Calcasieu Parish. The idea to travel to these places came from a few books at the local Genealogy library.Louisiana Place Names and Louisiana Post offices. Also, various newspaper articles in the stacks. The Ged post office is no more. There is a church in Lunita. No clue where Lucas is/was. Researching is one of the best parts about travel.