Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lately, I have been watchin art journaling videos on Youtube. Basically they entail artists flipping through the book. A lot of em are shit, Teesha Moore rip offs. But the ones that are good are really damn good. I especially enjoy the travel journal vids. So here is a spread I did while in the mood and watchin some vids. I got that journal out the dumpster by a local thrift store. Its a teacher's grade book, unused cept for a few pages some kids used for pretend school.

So. Here are some of my art journals. About every other month I lay on my bed with a few of em and flip through them. I love it. They were a bitch to haul, however, when me and my man moved out here. took about three tubs. I also have a collection of mapbooks that I plan on makin into travel journals.


  1. Hiya! Hey I would NEVER get rid of ya journals. They are as much apart of you as is ya breathing. Ya said yaself ya pull them out from time to time and look through them. Children or not I say keep them. I read what entries ya wrote and I laughed. I so agree with people trying so desperately to be other artists. I like to be me, I create art for me. Thanks for checking out my YT and I subbed ya too!
    Hugs, Poe